Testimony to the US Senate Budget Committee on the Cost of Inaction on Climate Change

RFF Board Member Robert B Litterman testifies to the US Senate Budget Committee on climate-related market risk.

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April 15, 2021


Testimony and Public Comments

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1 minute

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Key Moments

  • 00:41:23—Dr. Litterman gives his oral testimony.
  • 1:07:15—Dr. Litterman answers a question from Senator Bernie Sanders about the future of Wall Street investment in fossil fuels.
  • 1:33:29—Dr. Litterman discusses the urgency of responding to climate risk.
  • 1:45:07—Dr. Litterman answers a question on the regulatory signals for corporate investment in sustainability.
  • 2:08:45—Dr. Litterman shares his personal experiences with the impacts of climate change.

Written Testimony

To read Dr. Litterman's full written testimony with citations, please click "Download" above.


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