Integrating Risk Perception with Climate Models to Understand the Potential Deployment of Solar Radiation Modification to Mitigate Climate Change

In this paper, the authors develop a conceptual model that describes the transitions from predevelopment to postdevelopment and postdeployment phases of solar radiation management strategies to mitigate climate change.



May 30, 2023


Brian Beckage, Katherine Lacasse, Kaitlin T. Raimi, and Daniele Visioni


Working Paper

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We develop a conceptual model that describes the transitions in the operationalization of solar radiation modification (SRM) as a climate intervention to reduce impacts from anthropogenic greenhouse gas forcing of the climate system. We distinguish predevelopment, postdevelopment, and postdeployment phases of SRM operationalization. We explore the interactions between the human system and climate system that drive transitions between these stages in the emergence of SRM as a climate intervention. We discuss the insights around SRM development and deployment that emerge from this conceptual model.


Brian Beckage headshot.jpg

Brian Beckage

University of Vermont

Katherine Lacasse headshot.jpg

Katherine Lacasse

Rhode Island College

Kaitlin Raimi headshot.jpg

Kaitlin T. Raimi

University of Michigan

Daniele Visioni headshot.jpg

Daniele Visioni

Cornell University

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