VALUABLES Consortium Community

RFF and NASA Managing Team

Ann Bartuska

RFF Senior Advisor

Alan Krupnick

RFF Senior Fellow

Yusuke Kuwayama

RFF Fellow and VALUABLES Consortium Director

Bethany Mabee

RFF VALUABLES Consortium Deputy Director

Shanna McClain

Disasters Program Manager and Socioeconomic Assessments Coordinator for NASA Earth Sciences Applied Sciences

Elizabeth Wason

RFF Managing Editor

Scientific Council

David Diner

Caltech and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Klaus Keller

Dartmouth College

Robert E. Kopp

Rutgers University

Abhishek Nagaraj

Berkeley Haas

Shelley Petroy

Ball Aerospace

Emily Pindilli

US Geological Survey

Lea Shanley

International Computer Science Institute

Alex de Sherbinin

Columbia University and NASA SEDAC

Betsy Weatherhead

US Global Change Research Program

Bruce Wielicki

NASA Langley Research Center

Danielle Wood

Space Enabled Research Group, MIT Media Lab

Benjamin Zaitchik

Johns Hopkins University

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