Wildfires: Private Landowners, Nature and Public Policy


March 5, 2008


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Wildfires: Private Landowners, Nature, and Public Policy
RFF First Wednesday Seminar
March 5, 2008

Forest wildfires imperil the public, damage property, and blacken hundreds of thousands of acres each year. Our panelists will consider management of and responses to wildfires, from the perspectives of private landholders and federal, state, and local decisionmakers. Among issues to be explored:

How should policymakers balance "man versus wild"? How should fire protection be provided, while at the same time acknowledging the role of some fires as part of a natural ecological cycle? What are the differences in the responsibilities of federal, state, and local policymakers? What is the appropriate mix of prevention and suppression activities? What is the role played by private landowners, whose actions affect a common fire risk? And finally, who should bear the financial cost of preventing and suppressing wildfires and providing compensation for fire-related property damage?

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Phil Sharp

President, Resources for the Future

Roger Sedjo
Senior Fellow, RFF

Ross Gorte
Specialist in Natural Resources Policy,
Congressional Research Service

Arun S. Malik
Associate Professor of Economics,
George Washington University

Robert H. Nelson,
Professor of Environmental Policy,
School of Public Policy, University of Maryland


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