Lessons from the Clean Air Act

Building Durability and Adaptability into US Climate and Energy Policy

Event Details

In partnership with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), Resources for the Future (RFF) held a symposium for the launch and discussion of a new book from the AAAS, Lessons from the Clean Air Act: Building Durability and Adaptability into US Climate and Energy Policy. This book examines the Clean Air Act’s successes—and failures—and identifies lessons for improving future climate and energy policymaking in the United States at both the federal and state levels. At this June 6 event, leading experts in energy and environmental policy discussed how these lessons could be used to guide and create effective energy policies at all levels of government.

Dallas Burtraw, Ann Carlson, and Barry Rabe discuss conclusions drawn from the American Academy project on the Alternative Energy Future.

Former Representative Henry Waxman gives the keynote address and discusses with former Representative Phil Sharp the future of climate and energy policy in the United States.

Vickie Patton, Jeff Holmstead, Jonathan Cannon, and Megan Ceronsky join a panel discussion on implications for future policy, moderated by Joseph Aldy.

Closing Remarks from Dallas Burtraw and Ann Carlson.


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