VALUABLES Community of Practice Meeting

A presentation of research projects quantifying the benefits of using satellite data in socioeconomic decisionmaking

Event Details

At this VALUABLES Consortium Community of Practice Meeting on December 17, 2021, researchers from seven institutions across the United States introduced their consortium-supported projects to measure the value of using Earth observations in decisions, highlight preliminary results, and answer questions from the VALUABLES community.

Four interdisciplinary research teams presented projects that quantify the benefits of using satellite data in decisions that improve socioeconomic outcomes for people and/or the environment across health, water quality, and ecosystem applications. Speakers included awardees from VALUABLES’ Grants for Assessing the Benefits of Satellites (GABS) competition.

Event Video

Projects and Presenters

Introductory Remarks

  • Yusuke Kuwayama, VALUABLES Consortium Director (Resources for the Future) and Assistant Professor (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Quantifying the Benefits of Using a Satellite-Derived Early Warning System to Predict Cholera in Bangladesh

  • Sonia Aziz, Associate Professor (Moravian College)
  • Emily Lambright-Pakhtigian, Assistant Professor (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Ali S. Akanda, Assistant Professor (University of Rhode Island)

Valuing Satellite Data for Harmful Algal Bloom Early Warning Systems

  • Stephen Newbold, Associate Professor (University of Wyoming)

Using Satellite Data to Help Eradicate Disease: Polio Virus in Nigeria

  • Mariel Borowitz, Associate Professor (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Estimating the Social Benefits of Satellite Imagery Used to Enforce Policy and Reduce Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

  • Katrina Mullan, Associate Professor (University of Montana)
  • Jill Caviglia-Harris, Professor (Salisbury University)


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