Global Climate Policy Partnership

We're a global network of research institutions helping major economies and businesses achieve ambitious climate goals



The Paris Agreement provides an international framework to move to net zero by requiring countries to set emissions reduction goals.

To help major economies and businesses achieve their climate neutrality objectives efficiently and inclusively, the Global Climate Policy Partnership offers an international network of leading economic and policy research institutes. The GCPP facilitates a greater understanding of climate policies across national boundaries, quantifying and evaluating their economic, financial, and social impacts at all geographic scales.



The GCPP is organized into three research and policymaker engagement programs.

The pathways program engages in research and analysis focusing on the time dynamics of the race to net zero, emphasizing the structural economic changes and technological development needed to achieve emissions targets.

The policies program focuses on the suite of policy solutions that may be deployed to achieve emissions targets.

Finally, the impacts program conducts research to identify and quantify the policy-induced benefits of avoided climate change, improvements in local environmental quality, and changes to economic activity, labor markets, equity, and inequality.



Climate Finance and Financial Risk

Focusing on the assessment and quantification of climate transition risk, the role of Central Banks and other governmental financial institutions in the development of policies to manage risk, and the roles played by private investment institutions in the assessment of climate risk and the impact risk has on their investment portfolios.


Border Tariffs and Carbon Clubs

Focusing on the assessment and analysis of carbon border adjustment mechanisms recently proposed by the EU and US, the design of CBAMs and their efficacy and impacts on global trade, the emergence of new interest in carbon clubs emanating from EU and US agreements, and analysis and design of other mechanisms to address international competitiveness and carbon leakage.


Advanced Technology Development and Deployment

Focusing on policies to enhance the development and deployment of low and zero carbon energy technologies as well as carbon removal technologies, and forms of international cooperation to accelerate the speed of development and deployment and enhance public goods spillovers.

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