From Resources Radio: Understanding Climate Models, with Massimo Tavoni of EIEE


Feb. 12, 2019

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WASHINGTON, DC—This week, Resources for the Future released a new installment of Resources Radio: "Understanding Climate Models, with Massimo Tavoni of EIEE."

In today’s podcast, Host Kristin Hayes talks with Massimo Tavoni, the director of the RFF-CMCC European Institute on Economics and the Environment and an associate professor at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy. They discuss integrated assessment models, what they are, how they're used in studying climate change, and why they matter for decisionmaking.

Listen here.

Notable quotes from the podcast:

  • “We can project some of the changes that we see already happening, but we also cannot project many of those that will come. For that we resort to large scenarios and samples, like sensitivity analysis.”—Massimo Tavoni (8:37)
  • “So our model is this game theory approach, where we have these strategic incentives and strategic behavior of different countries that we compare and contrast towards this more paternalistic view of the world as a whole.”—Massimo Tavoni (13:58)
  • “Indeed, if we don't cooperate, and if we don't develop technology sufficiently, we will never be able to solve [climate change].”—Massimo Tavoni (14:37)

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