Clean Energy Standard Carries $1.8T Upside—Study

A story about a landmark study coauthored by RFF scholars discusses the benefits of a clean electricity standard.

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July 12, 2021

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Meeting the 2030 goal would cost $342 billion through 2050, according to the study, which was led by researchers at Syracuse and Harvard University and backed by several other institutions, including the nonprofit group Resources for the Future. That's compared to nearly $1.8 trillion in total benefits, it said...

"The CES-like policies being discussed that might pass under budget reconciliation are different from a regular-order CES, in that they are designed around the federal government providing payments to utilities to incentivize them to bring more clean electricity online, instead of just imposing a requirement that they do so," Kevin Rennert, a fellow at Resources for the Future who was not involved in the study, said in an email.

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