E&E News: "Report Maps How Climate Bill Would Cut Power Costs, CO2"

The story covers RFF's new analysis on the power sector implications of the Inflation Reduction Act.

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Aug. 9, 2022

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The sweeping climate and energy deal that passed the Senate over the weekend could lower electricity costs by up to 6.7 percent within a decade as a surge in solar and wind projects displace more expensive fossil fuels, according to a new analysis.

Average households in the U.S. would see annual savings between $170 and $220 over the next 10 years if the "Inflation Reduction Act" becomes law, Resources for the Future (RFF), a nonprofit research group, said in the report last week...

“It’s a common misconception that consumers won’t benefit economically from confronting climate change or making our grid clean,” said Nicholas Roy, a research analyst at RFF and the lead author of the study. “There’s other ways you could make a policy where cleaning the grid or confronting climate change wouldn’t reduce prices, but this policy is a policy that would do that.”

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