Energy Intelligence: "What to Watch for in US Midterm Elections"

An article that aggregates different energy-related issues to watch ahead of the midterm pulls insight from a few speakers at RFF's Net-Zero Economy Summit.

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Oct. 27, 2022

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House GOP lawmakers have gone so far as to make repealing the IRA law, which Biden inked in August, a central policy plank for the next Congress. “I think that is a real fear that people have and I share that,” Alan Krupnick, a senior fellow at Washington-based Resources for the Future, said last week at an event hosted by the group...

Speaking at the Resources for the Future event, White House National Climate Adviser Ali Zaidi said the administration is working to avoid any delays to implementing the law, hoping to create “irreversible” clean energy policies. “We’re taking the policies and making sure the system metabolizes as quickly as possible,” he said. Overall, the bread and butter of the IRA law, billions of dollars in clean energy tax incentives, are widely said to be fairly safe, without much Republican appetite to repeal them. But hefty GOP House oversight of the agencies charged with implementing the law — and their budgets — could slow things down.

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