Give Former Fossil Fuel Workers a Stake in the Clean Energy Future

An op-ed coauthored by Fellow Daniel Raimi in the Boston Globe discusses new research on potential policy options to help fossil fuel communities in the energy transition.

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March 25, 2021

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The Boston Globe

"For decades, coal-dependent regions like Athens have been on the front lines of the energy transition away from coal. Ensuring opportunity for fossil fuel workers and communities is one of the thorniest challenges still standing in the way of passing meaningful — and equitable — federal climate policy.

Over the past year, our respective organizations reviewed more than 100 federal policies that can support workers and their communities and interviewed local experts for case studies on coal-dependent regions around Athens, Ohio, and Colstrip, Mont. We learned lessons about how the federal government can ensure that former fossil fuel workers can access good jobs and their communities can enjoy a healthy environment."

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