Inside Climate News: "What's Permitting Reform?"

A story about the future of permitting reform references comments made by the CEO of the American Clean Power Association during RFF's Big Decisions 2023 event.

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Feb. 4, 2023

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Inside Climate News

“One of my favorite issues is we’ve got to build stuff,” said Jason Grumet, the newly installed CEO of the American Clean Power Association, a clean energy business group, speaking recently at a forum held by Resources for the Future, an energy research nonprofit.

He said the fraught approval processes for building clean energy projects threaten to undermine President Joe Biden’s signature climate change law, the Inflation Reduction Act.

“If we don’t actually think honestly about the timeframes, not only are we going to fail to spend this money, but we’re going to fundamentally fail to use it in the way that is necessary to solve the climate problem,” Grumet said.

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