Mountain West News Bureau/NPR: “Some Mountain West States Rely Heavily on Fossil Fuel Revenues to Pay for Schools, Roads”

A new working paper coauthored by scholars at RFF and the University of Michigan is the focus of a radio spot aired on several western NPR stations.

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Jan. 29, 2024

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Mountain West News Bureau

“Resources for the Future, a nonprofit research group, analyzed data from nearly 80 counties across 10 states...

The group found oil, gas and coal account for 90% of energy-related revenues, which fund schools, roads, and other public services. Wind and solar make up only 2%, and the remaining 8% is unspecified.

States’ heavy reliance on fossil fuels – the main cause of climate change – for energy and revenue is incredibly concerning, said Daniel Raimi, a fellow at Resources for the Future and the study’s lead author.”

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