Newsweek: "Florida Could Soon Become Uninsurable—and Other States Will Likely Follow"

RFF Fellow Penny Liao is quoted several times in an article about the increasing risks of insuring properties that often face the brunt of climate-related disasters.

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Aug. 7, 2023

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"Damage that's associated with extreme events is actually the hardest part of the risk to measure for insurers," Yanjun Liao, an economist and researcher at Resources for the Future, told Newsweek.

"If we continue to have more catastrophic events, what happens for the insurers is that they might not be completely clear about how to measure that risk," she continued ...

"Wildfires, hurricanes, sea-level rising—those kinds of risks are generally considered less insurable," Liao said. "In the current market, insurers might still have options and room to operate, but the increasing of catastrophic events is definitely a threat."

Liao is quoted several more times throughout the article.

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