Tighter Regulations for Car Makers Will Drive Buyers to Choose Electric

A story in Ireland's Irish Times details an RFF report on US fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards.

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Oct. 30, 2020

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The Irish Times

In a recent academic study, a US environmental NGO, Resources for the Future, looked at the cost and the impact of the Obama standards on greenhouse gas emissions. Drawing on an extensive database of most US car owners, the study looked at consumer preferences for car characteristics such as acceleration and fuel efficiency, and at responsiveness to price. The researchers also examined how manufacturers had reacted when more ambitious regulations were introduced.

The research found that the Obama regulations resulted in a substantial reduction in the high level of greenhouse gas emissions from cars. The cost to firms and individuals of achieving this worked out at just $6 per tonne (€5.14) of reduced carbon emissions.

When compared to current Irish carbon tax rates of about €30 a tonne, it is clear these savings in emissions came at a very low price.

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