Today’s Dual Energy Crises Need a Common Solution

In an op-ed for Barron's, RFF President and CEO Richard Newell shares his insights on how an energy transition could aid both climate change mitigation efforts and today's global energy crisis.

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March 23, 2022

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"Alongside the humanitarian calamity unfolding in Ukraine, two crises pervade today’s energy conversations: soaring fossil fuel prices and the urgent threat of climate change. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the associated uncertainty around Russia’s substantial fossil fuel exports have focused attention on the current need to fulfill demand for both European gas and global oil. These dramatic impacts are unfolding against the backdrop of climate change, also driven by fossil fuel use... Just as they share a common root, today’s energy crisis and the climate crisis share a common solution: a transition from unabated fossil fuels toward a diverse and reliable portfolio of clean energy sources."

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