Technologies and Policies to Decarbonize Global Industry: Review and Assessment of Mitigation Drivers through 2070

Fully decarbonizing global industry is essential to achieving climate stabilization, and reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050–2070 is necessary to limit global warming to 2 °C. This paper assembles and evaluates technical and policy interventions, both on the supply side and on the demand side.

Journal Article in Applied Energy by Jeffrey Rissman, Chris Bataille, Eric Masanet, Nate Aden, William R. Morrow III, Nan Zhou, Neal Elliott, Rebecca Dell, Niko Heeren, Brigitta Huckestein, Joe Cresko, Sabbie Miller, Joyashree Roy, Paul Fennel, Betty Cremmins, Thomas Koch Blank, David Hone, Ellen D. Williams, Stephane de la Rue du Can, Bill Sisson, Mike Williams, John Katzenberger, Dallas Burtraw, Girish Sethi, He Ping, David Danielson, Hongyou Lu, Tom Lorber, Jens Dinkel, and Jonas Helseth — 1 minute read — March 29, 2020

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Jeffrey Rissman

Chris Bataille

Eric Masanet

Nate Aden

William R. Morrow III

Nan Zhou

Neal Elliott

Rebecca Dell

Niko Heeren

Brigitta Huckestein

Joe Cresko

Sabbie Miller

Joyashree Roy

Paul Fennel

Betty Cremmins

Thomas Koch Blank

David Hone

Ellen D. Williams

Stephane de la Rue du Can

Bill Sisson

Mike Williams

John Katzenberger

Dallas Burtraw

Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow

Girish Sethi

He Ping

David Danielson

Hongyou Lu

Tom Lorber

Jens Dinkel

Jonas Helseth