The Impact of "No Opinion" Response Options on Data Quality: Non-Attitude Reduction or an Invitation to Satisfice?

Journal Article by Jon Krosnick, Matthew Berent , Allyson Holbrook, Richard Carson, Melanie Green, W. Michael Hanemann, Raymond J. Kopp, Robert Mitchell, Wendy Moody, Stanley Presser, Paul Ruud, V. Kerry Smith, and Michael Conaway — Oct. 1, 2002

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Jon A. Krosnick

University Fellow

Matthew Berent

Allyson Holbrook

Richard Carson

Melanie Green

W. Michael Hanemann

University Fellow

Raymond J. Kopp

Vice President for Research and Policy Engagement

Robert Mitchell

Wendy Moody

Stanley Presser

Paul Ruud

V. Kerry Smith

University Fellow

Michael Conaway