Examining Seafood Fraud Through the Lens of Production and Trade: How Much Mislabeled Seafood do Consumers Buy?

While research on seafood fraud is growing, how much mislabeled product consumers actually buy and its associated impacts are unknown. We provide a framework for estimating the amount of mislabeled seafood in a market.



Dec. 19, 2018


Kailin Kroetz, C. Josh Donlan, Cassandra E. Cole, Jessica A. Gephart, and Patrick Lee



Reading time

1 minute

Key findings

  • Due to the globalized nature and complexity of seafood markets, unraveling the causes and consequences of seafood mislabeling will require novel approaches with multiple types of data.
  • Mislabeling rates can be integrated with import and production data to produce estimates of apparent consumption of mislabeled seafood.
  • Estimating apparent consumption of mislabeled products, however, is currently limited by the quality of consumption and mislabeling data, of which the latter is particularly problematic and challenging.
  • More coordinated and targeted research is needed in order to understand to seafood mislabeling and its potential impacts.



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