Policy Leadership Series with Former US Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell

A conversation with former US Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell on public lands and climate issues


April 7, 2021


1:00–2:00 p.m. ET


Event Details

Resources for the Future (RFF) hosted a Policy Leadership Series event with former US Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell on April 7, 2021. Jewell served as Interior Secretary in the Obama administration from 2013–2017 and is currently a Global Board Member of The Nature Conservancy, where she previously served as interim CEO. RFF President and CEO Richard G. Newell sat down with Jewell to discuss a range of public lands and climate issues, including federal oil and gas leasing reform, the Biden administration’s goal to conserve nearly a third of US lands and ocean waters, and the role public lands can play in mitigating biodiversity loss.

RFF’s Policy Leadership Series is a flagship set of events that serves as a public forum on timely environmental, energy, and natural resources topics. The series brings together some of the world’s most influential decisionmakers and policy thinkers to discuss the challenges of our time.


  • Sally Jewell, former US Secretary of the Interior
  • Richard G. Newell, Resources for the Future

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