Going Greener: Green Public Procurement for Natural Gas, Cement, and Steel

Exploring how green procurement programs can be designed to encourage industry participation and lower carbon footprints


Dec. 1, 2020


10:00–11:15 a.m. ET


Holly Elwood, Charles Franklin, Abigail Regitsky, and Alan Krupnick

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The industrial sector is responsible for 33 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; of that, natural gas, cement, and iron and steel represent a large share. As governments around the world increasingly focus on finding products that are more environmentally sustainable, sourcing “green” industrial materials and fossil fuels has become a growing priority. A recent report by Alan Krupnick of Resources for the Future (RFF) explores how green public procurement (GPP) programs for these products—natural gas, cement, and iron and steel—can be designed to encourage industry participation and lower carbon footprints.

On December 1, 2020, RFF hosted a virtual event to discuss expanding GPP programs to provide incentives (either directly or indirectly) to stimulate innovation and improve sustainability best practices. Krupnick provided an overview of his report, and we explored varying perspectives on this topic from industry, GPP program staff, and legislative staff.


  • Holly Elwood, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Charles Franklin, Portland Cement Association
  • Abigail Regitsky, US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis
  • Alan Krupnick, Resources for the Future (moderator)

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