Sparking Solutions: Wildfire Risk and Insurance

The third RFF Live event in the "Sparking Solutions" event series examining the role of insurance in mitigating the risks of wildfire.

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Nov. 30, 2022


12:00–1:00 p.m. ET

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Wildfire insurance is a useful tool to shield homeowners from the devastating impacts of wildfires. However, in some high-risk areas —particularly in California—it has become difficult to obtain an affordable policy. Some insurance companies have begun to charge higher premiums, increase deductibles, limit payouts, and even decline to write a policy at all. In these instances, homeowners can turn to Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) plans, but these options are typically expensive and provide less coverage.

On Wednesday, November 30, Resources for the Future (RFF) hosted an RFF Live event exploring wildfire insurance, the third in the “Sparking Solutions” webinar series. In this session, experts discussed the important role that insurance plays in sending signals about risk, how to balance that with equity and affordability, and what options exist for handling the growing problem of insuring wildfire risks.


  • Carolyn Kousky, Environmental Defense Fund and Resources for the Future
  • Mike Peterson, California Department of Insurance
  • Nancy Watkins, Milliman
  • Penny Liao, Resources for the Future (Moderator)

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Sparking Solutions: Meeting the Wildfire Challenge

Sparking Solutions is a three-part RFF Live webinar series focused on finding equitable, effective, and workable policies to address the growing threat of wildfires in the United States. Wildfires are a complex problem that require a wide range of solutions. Resources for the Future is bringing together leading experts across all levels of government, industry, and academia to identify and assess policies that can help the communities most at risk. This series will explore forest fuels management strategies, the wildland-urban interface, and wildfire risks and insurance.


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