New Episode of Resources Radio: "A New York State of Carbon Pricing, with Karen Palmer and Daniel Shawhan"


Sept. 30, 2019

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WASHINGTON, DC—Resources for the Future (RFF) today released a new installment of Resources Radio: “A New York State of Carbon Pricing, with Karen Palmer and Daniel Shawhan.” This episode of Resources Radio, released a day ahead of our regularly scheduled programming, comes in celebration of International Podcast Day.

In this episode, host Daniel Raimi talks with Karen Palmer and Daniel Shawhan, two RFF researchers and experts on New York State’s energy plan. Palmer, Shawhan, and Raimi discuss the potential of a carbon price in New York State to affect emissions both within New York and regionally, electricity prices, and what role carbon pricing could play in achieving New York’s ambitious climate targets over the coming decades.

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Notable quotes from the podcast:

  • “The folks in New York are starting to grapple with how to implement their new ambitious clean electricity goals. And they seem to consider a CO2 charge or possibly a new New York CO2 cap-and-trade program to be an option worth considering for meeting those goals.” ―Daniel Shawhan (22:14)
  • “The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act [that] New York enacted … doesn't really spell out the policies that are going to be used to make sure that those goals are met—particularly, goals in the electricity sector. Our analysis suggests that a carbon price of $55 in 2025 could lead to a share of clean energy rising to as high as 64 percent of total New York generation … well on the way to the essentially 88 percent requirement by 2030.” ―Karen Palmer (20:00)
  • “New York is in a situation that may become increasingly common … this case is very important in its own right, but it's also an extremely important case study and precedent for other states and countries that may find themselves in a similar situation.” ―Daniel Shawhan (10:13)

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