Matthew Wibbenmeyer


Matthew Wibbenmeyer’s research seeks to understand climate impacts and climate mitigation policies related to the forest and land sectors, with a special focus on wildfire. His work frequently makes use of spatial data and interdisciplinary approaches and emphasizes behavioral factors and distributional implications of policy and management choices. Past work has studied risk preferences among fire managers and implications for wildfire suppression spending, and implications of disaster-driven management. Current wildfire-related research studies agency decision-making (including over wildfire risk reduction projects and wildfire suppression strategies) and effects across the income distribution, how wildfire risk is distributed across households of different income levels, and consequences of wildfire and wildfire smoke for the outdoor recreation sector in the western US. As well, he is currently working to understand consequences of land and carbon policy for land use change and carbon storage.


  • PhD in economics, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2018
  • MS in resource conservation, The University of Montana, 2010
  • BA in economics, Williams College, 2007
  • BA in biology, Williams College, 2007

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