Matthew Wibbenmeyer


Matthew Wibbenmeyer’s research studies climate impacts and mitigation within the US land sector, with a special emphasis on wildfire impacts and management. US wildfire activity has accelerated in recent years, leading to increases in property damages, carbon emissions, and health impacts due to smoke. Wibbenmeyer’s research studies the impacts of these changes for communities, how these impacts are distributed, and how management choices affect the distribution of impacts. Alongside his work on wildfire, Wibbenmeyer is investigating the role of the US land sector in mitigating climate change, and how policy toward land sector choices may influence the United States' ability to meet climate goals.


  • PhD in economics, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2018
  • MS in resource conservation, The University of Montana, 2010
  • BA in economics, Williams College, 2007
  • BA in biology, Williams College, 2007

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