Mun Ho

Visiting Fellow

Mun Ho centers his research on economic growth, productivity, taxation, and environmental economics. He coauthored a 2013 book, Double Dividend: Environmental Taxes and Fiscal Reform in the US discussing how carbon policies could contribute to fiscal reforms in the U.S.. Ho also recently authored a 2020 paper in Energy Economics titled, "Analyzing Carbon Price Policies Using a General Equilibrium Model with Production Parameters Estimated Using Firm Data."

He is a senior economist at Dale Jorgenson Associates and contributes to the firm’s analysis of energy and environmental policies for the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

Ho also works with the Harvard-China Project on Energy, Economy and Environment, focusing on Chinese energy use and environmental policy. That research is reported in a 2013 book that he co-edited, Clearer Skies over China: Reconciling Air Quality, Climate and Economic Goals. Additionally, he wrote a 2021 article in the Journal of Public Economics titled "When Carbon Emission Trading Meets a Regulated Industry: evidence from the electricity sector of China," analyzing the emissions impacts of China's carbon market pilot programs.

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