Reuters: "Small-Scale Forest Landowners Gain Foothold in the US Carbon Markets"

RFF Senior Fellow David Wear comments on the relationship between small-scale landowners and carbon markets.

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Aug. 9, 2022

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As such there has long been promise in connecting small-scale landowners with carbon markets, said David N. Wear, a senior fellow with the Washington-based Resources for the Future think tank.

But there has also been a question of how to do so, given upfront costs of up to $200,000 for project development, monitoring and more, as well as the 100-year contracts typically involved.

“Now we’re at a juncture,” Wear said of new efforts bridging this gap.

“This is the emergence of something like agricultural coops: You don’t have the ability to market directly to your purchaser as an individual, but you can come together and engage the marketplace as an aggregate.”

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