David N. Wear

Nonresident Senior Fellow

David Wear joined RFF after more than thirty years with US Forest Service Research and Development, most recently as a senior research scientist and leader of national and regional resource assessments.

Wear’s research focuses on integrating economic choice and biophysical elements of natural resource systems to project forest conditions and illuminate policy options. His work has addressed forest carbon dynamics at broad scales, the potential adoption of genetically modified trees, federal timber policies, the effects of climate and financial risk on forest investments, and dynamics of regional timber supplies. Interdisciplinary studies have addressed the ecological implications of land use change and forest management and the interactions of land use, forest conditions, climate change, and water supply.

To support national assessments of forest conditions, Wear led the development of modeling approaches to project the nation’s forest inventory in response to forest management, climate conditions, and disturbances, allowing for integrated analysis of multiple ecosystem services and tradeoffs.


  • PhD in Forest Management/Economics, University of Montana, 1987
  • MF in Resource Systems Science, Duke University, 1983
  • BA in Botany, University of Montana, 1981

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