Alexandra Thompson

Senior Research Associate and GIS Research Coordinator

Alexandra Thompson is a Senior Research Associate and the GIS Coordinator at RFF and an expert on using spatial data to address environmental and socioeconomic challenges. Her current efforts are focused on understanding national land use and protection pathways for climate transitions and effects of sea level rise on the Chesapeake Bay agricultural economy.

Thompson’s work supports a wide range of resource economics policy areas through geospatial analysis design and interdisciplinary research. With a background in urban and regional planning, Thompson brings expertise in environmental land use planning and engineering of geospatial data relating to land cover, sea level rise and saltwater intrusion, habitat, protected areas, climate and weather, hydrography, energy resources, socioeconomics, and agriculture.

Other work includes effects of drought on agriculture, value of remotely sensed information, invasive species monitoring and spread modeling, and minimizing habitat and environmental impacts of renewable energy siting.

As RFF’s GIS Coordinator, Thompson enhances research insights with spatial data science through software engagement, technical support, and information product development.

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