Hannah Druckenmiller


Hannah Druckenmiller is an environmental economist and Fellow at Resources for the Future. She received her PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics in 2021 from UC Berkeley, where she was a doctoral fellow at the Global Policy Lab and a NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

Hannah’s research focuses on quantifying the value of healthy ecosystems and assessing the causes and consequences of long-run environmental change. She is studying the effects of forest degradation, wetland loss, and land use change.

Hannah also has a strong interest in developing novel data and methods to enable progress on historically intractable problems in these areas of research. For example, Hannah developed the spatial first differences research design in collaboration with Solomon Hsiang to identify causal effects in cross-sectional data. In ongoing work, she is applying machine learning to vast archives of historical aerial photography to better measure and understand long-run relationships between environmental change and human development.

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